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Vanessa Edge 26/11/2016 Manchester Hi Alan,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming out to me so late at night last week. As you know, I was badly let down by a national company who kept me waiting for an hour and 40 minutes, then told me that they wouldn’t be able to come after all as the mechanic had disappeared and just told me to find someone else! I was very cold and upset and thought I would be there all night, but thank goodness I found your number. I am very grateful to you for dropping everything and getting to me as quick as you could. You did a fantastic job, and you were much cheaper than the other company who failed to turn up – I just wish I had rung you in the first place Thanks again,


Colin Barker 20/01/2016 bradford Having wrongly filled my motor homes fuel tank with water I then contacted Alan to explain the problem. He came over and removed the fuel tank from my large Mercedes based motor home drained and cleaned out the tank refitted and filled with fresh diesel started and made sure all was ok, checked for leaks. All in all a superb job by a man who I would not hesitate to recommend

Rachel Moran 08/01/2016 Manchester After realising £35 later, that I had put unleaded in my diesel car, I hadn't started it but I was in a fit of panic over what to do, and upset over the damage I had caused my car. I called my Renault, who quoted an extortionate amount just to the tow the car, and would take a couple of days to drain. Thankfully after some advice from friends I got told to call a firm who then put me through to Alan, who covers my area.
Within 10 minutes Alan called, to say he would be there within 40 minutes and would fix my car.
Sure enough 40 minutes later he arrived, and set to work, due to my awkward fuel tank entrance, he had to use a smaller hose than normal so it took a little longer than usual. But sure enough 40 minutes later, the car was completely drained (phew) and assured no damage was done!! Alan, brought me some diesel with him, as he suspected the petrol station closed at 10.00 pm, and then followed me to the nearest open petrol station to ensure I had filled up and the car was fine.
Cannot rate this guy enough, fixed the problem in a calm and professional manner in a exceptionally reasonable amount of time, and a very competitive price.
If it happens again (which I hope it doesn't) I know Alan will be my first point of call.

Richard 07/01/2016 Chester After filling up with petrol instead if diesel and driving for at least half a mile before stopping I was extremely worried about the damage and cost of getting my car up and running again. Alan from Wrong Fuel Removal reassured me that he could get the car back up and running and would be with me that same day. He arrived promptly and was a very polite and easy going chap, he got me up and running again in less than an hour and even followed me to the nearest petrol station to ensure the car re-started after filling up with the correct fuel! Excellent service, can definitely recommend.

jimmy 02/12/2015 chester Just bought a newer used diesel car to replace my older petrol one.So when the low fuel light came on I went to fill up.BUT!...having use a petrol car for the last 3 years...brain on auto mode and put 8 litres of unleaded in!AND drove it 10 miles and died!waited over an hour for breakdown service just to be told they can't fix it then said my breakdown service don't cover misfuel anyway!but he offered to call me a 'chain' misfuel guy out to fix it for £285 or to get towed home!?I said TOW please!so next day,found this site,spoke to Alan then HEY PRESTO.Punctual,very reasonably priced and FUNNY too!Finished in under an hour.I now believe ALL this site's reviews about Alan are 100% true.This GENTLEMAN is phenomenal and I believe he will NEVER leave you in a lurch!Alan...you deserve every penny you ask for and I salute you Sir.Don't fooled by his reflector jacket...it's really a CAPE! :)

Sarah Gilbert 03/09/2015 Whalley Lancashire After returning from a holiday break, I committed the age old classic trick of filling up with the same fuel I had been using whilst away! An expensive mistake, but made easier and more bearable by the fantastic care, communication and very competitively priced Alan. Will come highly recommended by me, should anyone else find themselves in the same situation. Cheers Alan.

kenny dickson Thursday 20th of August Speke Liverpool Just like to thank Alan came to the rescue when I put the wrong fuel in came within an hour pleasant and a polite guy.I will recommend Alan.
Thank you Alan.

Stephen Sadler 10/08/2015 North Yorkshire Returning from 2 weeks away in sunny France we mistakenly put £20 worth of unleaded in our Laguna diesel. Alan was very prompt on a Sunday night and got the problem sorted in an hour in rural North Yorkshire - a fantastic response and at very good value He\'s got to be the best around so you don't need to think about looking elsewhere. Very highly recommended. Thanks again Alan.

Colin Luckman 31/07/2015 Stalybridge Cheshire Great job,got me back on the road in time for my Holiday in just under 2 hours , would recommend Alan to anyone

Rod Clarke 12/06/2015 Leyland Alan came out to us on a busy Friday afternoon. We had been waiting over 2 hours for another company to come out before we rang Alan. He was out within 40 minutes and had us back on the road very quick with definitely no mess or fuss. Lesson learnt do not go to these other companies that have fancy website but no idea of customer service or communication. We will be recommending Alan to friends and family if they ever find themselves in this situation.

Mark 12/07/2014 Stockport Put unleaded into my diesel car today by mistake so took to the internet looking for help! Found wrong fuel removal and gave them a call.. Alan was with us within the hour and had us back on the road half hour later... Very grateful and happy with the fast efficient service for a reasonable price

Paul Beak Thursday 3rd of July 2014 whitchurch Shropshire In a moment of inattention i filled my diesel tank in my motorhome with 30 litres of water. RAC was useless after 4 hours decided that i wasn't covered. I contacted Fuel Removal and Alan arrived within an hour at 9 pm and worked until 3am.

He removed the contmaninated fuel then the fuel tank and carefully cleaned out all the residual water that would have damaged my engine.He was very careful and dilligent, pleasant and tough; it wasnt an easy job on the ground in the dark.

I would recommend him with a great deal of confidence.

Ian Duxbury 26/05/2014 Preston, Lancs After putting in half a tank's worth of unleaded to fill my DIESEL Rover on a Bank Holiday Monday evening, the prospects for getting it sorted looked slim, to say the least. After researching and being impressed by the positive comments on this site, I rang Alan and was amazed to find that he was more than happy to turn out that evening to sort the problem out. I can only reiterate other's comments as to his friendly, efficient and wholly professional service at a cost well below some well-known others (RAC wanted a £110 more for just draining the fuel!). Highly reccommended.

Paula 16/03/2014 Chadderton Very embarassing after 20 years of driving - however I spoke to Alan and he relieved my fears. Lovely very discreet man - prompt service and very courteous. Highly recommended agreed a price plus whatever fuel you want in your tank at pump price -and it was Sunday - thanks to getting me back on the road - phew and very grateful! I need my car....

Lance 07/03/2014 Liverpool After speaking to Alan over the phone and explaining the situation (unleaded in my diesel)he said he could be there within the hour. Sure enough within the hour Alan was there, setting up his equipment. He was confident that there would be no major problems once the contaminated fuel was removed and he'd replaced it with the diesel he had brought with him.
He was right! Car started up and running smoothly within half an hour. Excellent and much cheaper than other quotes I had received. Highly recommended.

Hazel 08/12/2013 preston I put £30 of Petrol in my diesel freelander 2 and drove it 5 miles home , car juddered a little bit just 200m from home but I didn't think anything of it. 10 mins later went back to car to go out again and it wouldn't start up. I even swore blind to my husband that I was 99.9%sure I had put diesel in as I had gone to the expensive diesel pump first and backed up to the other one...but on opening the cap there was a hiss and it did smell of petrol so I had to concede.My husband wanted to tow it to our garage 10 miles away but I read the reviews on here and thought I would ring. What a genuinely honest and helpful man Alan is. He came on a miserable December Sunday and sorted the car out very efficiently and the cost was very reasonable considering it included fuel with additive. So if you are reading this wondering who to try then I have no hesitation in recommending this man. Thank you once again Alan....I am now going to google for a device to stop me making the same mistake again.

John 13/12/2013 N/noor Manchester
put petrol in a diesel car phoned around this was cheapest I found he was here in 45 minutes done and dusted in about half hour highly recommended A++++

J.Wareham 21/11/2013 Wilmslow Alan is one of those amazing people that you rarely meet. He sorted a difficult 'wrong fuel' situation out with skill and care and was reassuring from the first call. He followed me on a test run and 'phoned later to check all was well.
Every one should keep his contact details ...even those that never make a mistake!
Thank you Alan !

Paula 17/11/2013 Preston Husband inadvertently put petrol in his diesel Landrover Freelander. Called Alan after doing a google search and not getting through to the so called big "Names". As the hubbie had to be somewhere else, he took my car and left me to sort out the problem. Alan arrived by the said he would and promptly got to work, my sole input was to provide him with a cup of tea! As others have stated the driveway was protected by mats all the time and Alan was methodical and efficient throughout and despite the Freelander being a particularly awkward mark, Alan had it back on the road with no (fingers crossed)lasting issues, including resetting the onboard computer that was going mad showing a fuel fault.
Would definitely recommend Alan although with the best will in the world, I hope we don't need him again. Needless to say my car wasn't refuelled on return

David Johnstone 21/10/2013 Bolton I run a small drain unblocking service and was on my way to an urgent call in Blackburn filled up my Renault Master van at our local fuel station the evening before and drove 500 yards home
The next morning i was running a little late guess what my van wont start it dawned on me what I had done went on line and found Alan on the internet who came out within the hour and had me up and running in no time no damage to my engine only my pride and wallet and thanks to an understanding customer I was able to complete my days work.
Many thanks to Alan and his swift and reasonable priced service plus his reasuring manor on the telephone won't do that again in the near future

guy 10/07/2013 holyhead stopped at birch service station manchester realised i had put petrol in my 2.2 diesel called alan was whith us in 30 minutes car up and running in less than an hour you cant find anybody whith lower price top dude would recomend to everyone thanks alan

Stuart Gordon 13/05/2013 Kirkby Lonsdale Phoned Alan on Saturday night.

He arrived early Sunday morning and the car was sorted in an hour.

Great service, thanks. Now back on the road!

Deb 08/04/2013 Sale, Cheshire I very foolishly put 30 litres of unleaded petrol into my Freelander at the pumps on Friday 5th April.....a date which I'll remember for a long time. I only realised my faux pas as the car spluttered along the short distance home. The realisation of what I'd done suddenly dawned and I checked the till receipt when I turned the engine off.
I immediately started googling on my phone and came across the Fuel Doctor. I rang and was given a quote by a chap who was abrupt and very businesslike. He told me I would have to ring back the following day and someone would be with me within an hour, priorities permitting. I thought I'd give the A.A a ring to see if the quote would be any cheaper, however the quote was pretty steep, in excess of £200 so when I eventually got through my front door and recovered from the shock, I started searching the internet to look for alternatives. I am so glad I did. as I found Alan who was an absolute life saver. I rang him on Saturday morning and his lovely reassuring manner was just what I needed. He arranged to call at 12 midday and gave me a more realistic quote. Anyway, he came as promised and got straight to work. Unfortunatey, my 6 year old Freelander had received a good drink of petrol and Alan had already warned me that Freelanders are notoriously tricky to draw fuel from. Having managed to get the fuel out, the car wouldn't fire up and it was really looking like I was in serious trouble. Alan didn't give up at any stage. I don#'t know how he did it, but his perseverance paid off and he brought the car back from the brink of death. He said, my vehicle was the trickiest one he's ever tackled and I really believe if anyone other than Alan had attended, I would have ended up having to get it to a garage and it would have cost me a small fortune. I cannot thank Alan enough and I would recommend him to anyone, an absolute life saver, a truly capable and thoroughly decent bloke.

Mark 24/03/2013 OTTLEY NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Alan drove over for over two hours to get to us when 'local' and 'national' services said the conditions were too bad.

Others offered to help for greatly inflated prices telling us that our car (a BMW 520d) was unlikely to recover and generally working to make a bad situation worse.

I can't thank Alan enough for his professionalism and the care that he showed us. We were on our way back to Scotland in 45 minutes and the car was 4mpg better than before!

If you have a choice ring him!

Mr Williams 28/02/2013 Bolton Nice bloke, quick response and service at a good price what more can you ask.

rikhe singh 19/02/2013 prestwich manchester very very happy with the service and a very nice man even came to the garage to fuel up with me to make sure i had no staring problem cheers.

Chris 03/01/2013 Burnley Good callout service, came when he said and sorted the job efficiently

Ibish 03/12/2012 Timperley IT WAS A FANTASTIC JOB THANK YOU 100 TIMES

Robin 16/10/2012 KENT Alan is the Guru. despite my location, being in Kent and out of his area he took the time to explain to me how to resolve the problems. Which had been caused by my fuel removal repairer, who wanted to change injectors etc. The car now runs perfectly, and needed no parts just to follow Alan's guidance. He showed kindness and support, that I would have been delighted to receive as a customer.
He is the person I would recommend. Thank you Robin

Simon 16/10/2012 Blackburn Thanks Alan excellent service, Quick and professional.

Adele 22/09/2012 Bury Alan was very polite, punctual and professional. The price was very reasonable compared to big companies (RAC).
From phone call to farewell it only took 2 hours!

Thanks Alan

Nathan 14/09/2012 Manchester My Story/Review,

Late night last night, stop to get milk for the all important morning coffee, grab the diesel pump, Tannoy annoucement demands I pay first! I begrudgingly lock up car, go to the pay point, leave 20 quid deposit, go back to my VW Golf (only just paid off!) and now mistakenly put in 20 litres of unleaded into my precious car!!! Leave the forecourt, head home (1 mile) without realising, get 3/4 and the engine power starts dipping, pull to the lights, engine revs are all over the place. I realise my mistake. I drive another 500 meters home very gingerly!!

I Googled "VW GOLF Diesel Unleaded" and read some blogs/articles and began to feel sick. Bills upwards of several thousand had me nauseous! I decided to click on this Google Ad for "wrong fuel removal". BEST DECISION EVER.

I spoke with Alan, even though it was near midnight (I had expected voicemail). He reassured me it would be ok and not be expensive (this took away that horrible anxious feeling). He gave me a quote that made me very pleased, it was an expensive milk run, but incredibly reasonable considering the alternatives! He called in the morning as promised and arrived as arranged. He was very professional, very informative and got to work clearing out the unleaded, flushing the engine and giving me 5 litres of diesel to get on with. A true, nice, genuine bloke, he had my Golf purring again and made me a stress free man again! Thank you Alan, I wish more tradesmen etc were like you.

Wrong Fuel?! I HIGHLY recommend you call Alan

mr r.mossman 14/08/2012 skelmersdale it always happens when least expected,stuck on tesco,southport wrong motion lotion put in tank, doh!!!looked on line found alan @wrongfuelremoval and responded/turned up within the time given,drained the fuel new diesel put in and of we go,as promised, woudnt leave us till we could drive away,very recommended,quick,nice manor and very efficient,very good price for a excellent job, dont get ripped off by the big guns!!!!!

Vicky 14/08/2012 West Yorks I felt sick when I realised I had driven home with a tank full of petrol instead of diesel and thought of the damage and the cost of repairing my lovely car. I rang and was assured that all would be well. The service was very quick (early Sunday morning too), very competitive and just as I was told my car is 100% OK (I did use a fuel additive the first couple of times I filled up afterwards). Thanks for rescuing me in my time of need - totally recommended!

Mike 30/07/2012 Runcorn Put petrol in diesel vehicle. Rang Wrong Fuel Removal who arrived within 45 minutes and drained sorted and tested the vehicle, also went the extra mile by following me to petrol station to ensure I started up okay when I had re-fuelled.

Thanks, hope not to but would certainly use again.
Best Wishes

J Starkie 24/07/2012 Bury So, our diesel 2002 VW Passat TDI (V6) got filled with unleaded for the 3rd time!
It was pretty much empty when it was filled with £15.00 of unleaded.
The car was driven until it stopped.
At this point the fuel problem wasn't noticed.
Green Flag recovered the car and diagnosed the problem as being a faulty turbo.
After some checking it was discovered that the problem was actually that it'd been filled with unleaded.
I was totally gutted about this because on both previous occasions the cost of getting this sorted was well over £900.00. To make matters worse I was supposed to be driving to the a festival later that week.
After a bit of searching I came accross Alans website.
In all honesty I really wasn't sure if attempting to repair a problem that had previously been unrepairable was a good use of my resources... When this happened before, parts were (allegedly) replaced and the last thing in the world I wanted to do was spend good money trying to fix something that couldn't be fixed.
I weighed up the pros can cons and decided that whatever happens, the unleaded has to be drained and the fee for doing this alone was a very reasonable price.
I also got the impression Alan really did know what he was talking about and although it was possible that this was just a sales tactic, it didn't seem like that was the case.
So, I gave Alan a bell and booked a visit!

To say I was happy with the outcome is an understatement!! I hugged the guy!!!

I arranged to meet Alan at a time that was convenient for me.
Alan came out, was bang on time and quickly set about draining all the unleaded.
He did some other hocus pocus and about 20 mins later asked me to give it a go...
Hey presto!! After a short crank the engine started!!

I've saved a fortune and for the very first time ever I feel like I've dealt with a mechanic without being taken for a ride!

If you make a fuel cockup call Alan - Simple!!
I dread to think what could have happened if I didn't.

Anthony 06/06/2012 Manchester After regretibly fueling my brand new car with £20 worth of petrol I didnt know what to do. I was browsing on the net where I came across this site with all the amazing feedback. I rang Alan instantley and he was here within the hour! The service was great along with the price which was cheap considering the mistake that I had made! My advice to anyone whoever makes the same mistake to ring Alan as he saved my car with the great service he had to offer so I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU FROM US!!!!!!

Martin Jenkins 23/05/2012 Hoylake filled up my audi Q7 diesel with unleaded petrol and drove it 2 miles home just limped onto my drive as the engine died called out Alan at 8:30 pm he assured me the car would be just fine and true to his word he arrived and 1 hour later the car was up and running many thanks to Alan and his expertise

Brian Johnson 19/05/2012 Warrington I put unleaded petrol in my diesel tank. I phoned Alan and he told me not to worry and took my details and gave me a quote, which was considerably cheaper than the AA. He came to my home within the hour and drained the tank, cleaned the filter and cleared the fuel pipes. He also followed me to the Petrol Station while a refuelled my car. He was pleasant, friendly and professional. I would recommend Alan to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.

Nige 16/05/2012 Chester The most trouble free solution to a troublesome problem I have ever encountered. Alan provided not only a speedy response, but an unflustered professional approach that simply got the job done and enabled us to get on with our day. Highly recommended, if my wife is ever as stupid as this again he will be the first man to turn to. On a final note, the costs were extremely competative compared to that which our recovery agency were quoting.


Dan H 22/02/2012 Wirral On a Sunday Alan came to the Wirral at the drop of a hat and sorted my petrol-in-diesel-engine fiasco quickly and with no fuss. He was also a great deal cheaper than the nearest competitor. All in all,excellent.

Jon 13/01/2012 West Yorkshire Alan arrived as promised and had the car started in no time. A great service and price, which even include the diesel! Alan even offered to roadtest to the nearest garage in order to fill up to reassure me that all was fine and the car would re start. Reassuring, fantastic service and a genuine bloke.Highly recommended!

Tony 20/12/2011 Poulton-le-Fylde My car had a puncture so I borrowed by brother-in-laws car. After using it I wanted to give it back full of fuel. His previous car of the same make/model was a diesel and I just assumed this one was. Oddly enough, the diesel nozzle would fit into the filler - not all the way but far enough. To I topped up with about 10 litres of diesel - into a petrol car!! I drove it about 2 miles home then realised my mistake, so I called Alan. He turned up within 2 hours and took about an hour to drain and flush the system. A grand chap and have had no problems with the car since. Thanks for a great job.

Craig 11/12/2011 Burnley Wrong fuel, an emabarassing mistake and a real pain brought about by rushing! Alan sorted us out. Within an hour of the phone call he was with us and putting things right in a no nonesense professional way. Within an hour and a half I was up and running and Alan even escorted me down to the pertrol opps diesel station. Thanks Alan, you get our recommendation every time!

Graham 08/12/2011 Liverpool I filled my diesel engine full to the brim with petrol whilst rushing home from work on a Friday night before a weekend away. Drove 15 miles home from the garage without any sign from the car that I had mis-fuelled, however when I tried to start the car sunday night the engine wouldn't even start, then I found the receipt for the full tank of petrol on the passenger seat. I then spent an over hour looking on the internet reading loads of horror stories that because I had started the ignition and drove the car that my whole engine would be wrecked and that I was probably looking at a 4-figure repair bill. I then found Alan + Wrong fuel removal so I gave him a call explained what had happened and he reassured me that it was easily solvable and we arranged for a Monday morning visit. Alan arrived 10 mins before the arranged time and within an hour and with no mess had drained the tank and the fuel lines, got my car started and had followed me to the nearest garage to check there would be no further problems. This was all done for just over £100 pounds and the car has been as good as before. Absolutely brillant service and a friendly service. Would recommend to anyone

Martin 28/11/2011 Warrington Excellent reliable service at a reasonable price. Alan came out on a Sunday morning, sorted in no time. Followed me to local garage to fill up to make sure everything was ok.
Genuine guy -highly recommended.

Rachel Carter 08/11/2011 Rastrick, Yorkshire Fabulous, One in a million. This true gentleman drove from Warrington at 8.00pm to drain my car after I had put petrol in my diesel car. Would definatly shout this man for help in the future (hope im not so daft again)

Mike 04/10/2011 Manchester I was delighted with the service I received, Alan arrived very quickly after my call and set about rectifying the problem without delay.
The whole operation was completed within his 40 minute estimate and he had the car running on fresh diesel (which he provided) in no time at all.
There was no mess no more bad news and no problems since. I cannot recomend Alan more highly and it was worth every penny.
Many thanks.

Rehana 27/09/2011 Leeds West Yorkshire Alan is a brilliant professional and offers a very valuable service at a fraction of the cost quoted by dealers. He drove on a Friday evening to Leeds to drain my car, a Volvo XC 90 of a full tank of unleaded petrol. He patiently answered my several calls about the process, as the dealer had quoted in excess of £4000 to deal with the wrong fuel, and reassured me that it was not necessary to have any of the parts replaced. Thanks to Alan, my car is running prefectly. August 2011

Tom 25/09/2011 South Liverpool Recommended, quick; efficient; friendly; clean; professional, and also cheaper than my insurance quotes! My new Fiat Multijet diesel engine works fine now, and you'd never know it had been contaminated with petrol. EXCELLENT.

Joan Hurtley 29/08/2011 Upper Heaton Huddersfield 29 August 2011 - Accidently and unknowingly put deisel into our petrol car and couldn't understand why it was sluggish. Found Alan on the net and pronto, problem solved. Alan was there to drain the tank and put the matter to rights. This on the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend. Thanks a lot Alan a first class service!

paul 12/08/2011 liverpool £20 pound of petrol in a diesel is not a good idea phoned the AA who were about to rip me off. phoned alan at 8.00 am was at my work for 9 job completed by 10 cant fault his promptness his service and definitely the price thanx alan

phillip priestley 07/08/2011 keighley west yorkshire Very efficient and professional service carried out at a very reasonable cost, comes highly recommended.

John 12/07/2011 Blackpool Many thanks Alan for your excellent service with a smile - you arrived on time and job done within the hour - with a better quote than all the rest. What can I say except to recommend your service wholeheartedly. Minibus has been going great since - Thanks again.

Stan 07/07/2011 Manchester I filled the tank, put in £50.00 worth of petrol in my Diesel car, on my way home before I realised what I done I rang the AA who quoted me £185.00,this was a discounted cost being a member and that it would be the next morning before they could come. Googled the problem and hit on this site, rang Alan his cost was a lot cheaper than the A.A. and he would come within an a hour. Arrived on time, job took an hour, car as good as new, recommended.

Rebecca 21/06/2011 Salford Inadvertently put about 1/4 tank of unleaded into my diesel Megane. Lady at the petrol filling station was super helpful, and gave me the card for "Wrong Fuel Removal". I gave Alan a call, and within the hour, he had arrived and pushed my car from the pump I was blocking to the side of the forecourt. Within two hours of the 'mistake', I was on my way down to Plymouth on a work trip, and have just arrived back having had no problems whatsoever with the car. Thanks Alan for being so quick and so helpful!


Phil 15/05/2011 Wilmslow Very helpful, sorted within an hour and far cheaper than the £250 quoted by the AA

Rob moss 11/04/2011 preston I would like to say thankyou to alan who sorted my car out after putting petrol in my car by mistake very good service indeed he soon had me back on the road in no time once again alan thanks .

Adam & Gill 06/04/2011 Harrogate It was a wet Sunday evening when Alan turned out our Ford Focus which I had filled with unleaded petrol instead of diesel, within the hour he had us back on the road at a reasonable cost when no local fair weather people were even answering their phones, many thanks for a 5 star service.

Alan Ormesher 27/01/2011 Liverpool The technician arrived within the hour and had me back on the road soon after. Was very efficient and keen to keep the immediate area protected from any spillages. Highly recommended.

Alan, Electrician.

Robert 30/11/2010 Dukinfield True to his word Alan didn't let us down, arrived when he said, did what he said, and the car is back to normal. He was very reassuring and professional which is just what you want when you do a silly thing at the fuel station. Thank you. Robert

Lee 26/11/2010 Stockport Alan you are a lifesaver, your prompt action has saved me from explaining what an idiot have been to "her indoors". And on a friday evening too. Hopefully my stupidity will not be repeated and I won't be ringing again soon. However your number is now stored in my phone and i won't hesitate to ring you again or pass on your number to anybody else in need of help. Thank you, 1st class service!!

Rod 10/10/2010 Stockport Thanks Alan, a joy to see a true professional who puts their customer needs first. I called Alan after another company tried and failed to empty my tank, and this was at 11pm on a Sat night. I would reccomend Alan to everyone who has been unfortunate to make this simple mistake. Thanks a Million, Rod

Paul B 25/08/2010 Liverpool Can't fault the service. Arrived within the timescales quoted, provided a clean and tidy service, no mess, no fuss and was at all times polite and courteous.

Thanks again!

Rob Jackson 21/08/2010 Warrington Very quick and professional, Alan was there within the hour and had me back on the road in no time. I can definately recommend this company to anyone daft enough to do what I did today lol

Matt Ford 01/08/2010 Chesterfield Filled the wifes car up with petrol not thinking after driving a hire car all week the night before going on holiday at 8am phoned Alan and arranged with him to come at 6am when it was light he came as promised and was done in an hour and we got away on holiday for 8am thankyou

Stephen Townley 28/07/2010 Flintshire Phoned Alan and he was able to attend my 'dilemma' immediately. He was very informative and managed to get my engine started within 20 minutes of lifting the bonnet. Excellent service and I would highly recommend him to anyone

dave dingley 22/07/2010 warrington wa3 2nx after i put petrol in my diesel car it only took one phone call to alan he came out in under 2 hours,he drained the tank flushed the system and had me on the road again in under 2 hour 100% happy with the service and profesional service i received and the cost involved

Neil Woodall 10/07/2010 Warrington Thanks for coming out today Alan, a true gentleman. I took the car out for a run today and it's fine. The missus is still in the bad books, but I might move her bed back in from the shed tonight !!!!!!!! A Great service, great guy and thoroughly recommended.

Darren 10/07/2010 Manchester I stupidly put in £18.00 worth of petrol in my Diesel Renault Megane, i contacted the AA as i am a member and they quoted me £185.00, i then contacted my local garage who wanted £200.00, my wife is pregnant and is expecting our first child any day now so i need the car to be fully working in order to get my wife to the hospital, along came Alan my saviour, what a great service he gave me and was delighted at the outcome, Alan is a diamond of a guy.

Diane Hall 06/07/2010 Swynnerton, Stafford Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you, Alan. As a driving instructor I'm always so conscious put put in the correct fuel, and can't believe that as a result of just a moments lack of thought it could have cost me hundreds of pounds to have my car drained at my Toyota main dealer. I'm glad that I found you! I'm so grateful that you drove over an hour to sort my car out, and at a fraction of the cost that I would have had to pay at the dealer. Your knowledge and experience is obviously immense, and I felt really confident leaving my car in your capable hands. To anyone out there reading this, put your trust in Alan; he does a good, professional job, and at much less than you'd have to pay at a main dealer. Thanks once again.

Wayne 28/06/2010 Blackpool Phoned for advice as i had put petrol into a diesel. The service was very friendly and helpful, and i was back on the road in no time, cheers Alan much appreciated

Andrew 18/06/2010 Wilmslow, Cheshire Alan turned up quickly and got me going without any fuss and at a very reasonable cost - thanks

Tim Poskitt 02/05/2010 Burnley Excellent service that I could not fault. Arrived when he siad he would and the whole job was finished in approx 30 minutes. Alan even followed me to the nearest fuel station to ensure that the car was running okay. Would highly recommend.

Andy Dixon 23/04/2010 Warrington WOW! I can't believe the service I have just received from Alan. His quote was cheaper than everyone else by some distance, he arrived prompt, provided a great service and saved me a lot of money and hassle. I wouldn't think twice about using him again or recommend him to family and friends. Alan is a decent, hard working tradesman who is not in this to rip people off and provides a high quality service. Many thanks Alan.

John Riley 30/03/2010 Manchester Fantastic service from Alan having filled up with £52 of wrong fuel prior to weekend away called Alan who arrived within 40 mins and had the car running again within the hour. Drove off 500 miles plus without the car missing a beat. Wonderful fast and efficient service if you need this service call Alan

Paul 16/03/2010 Ormskirk An excellent service, from making the call to back on the road it took less than 2 hours! Would recommend to anyone.

Dr Amrat Singh 03/02/2010 Wirral Very impressive, it was friendly, fast and efficient service that I highly recommend to anyone finding themsleves in this unfortunate situation.

Graham 16/01/2010 Runcorn Great service from Alan. I put petrol in my diesel car and I was struggling to find a garage that could help in a timely manner. Most garages wanted me to recover the car and then the usual "damaged parts! expect it to be expensive" comment. I needed some help. Alan gave me reassurance that the problem could be resolved with no fuss and it was. From my call to Alan at 3pm on a Friday the car was reusable by 9pm the same day. Many thanks - Graham

Michael Hodgett 17/11/2009 Sheffield filled diesel van with unleaded petrol
very efficient and cheap service
thanks to alan, 'recommend'

Arthur 11/10/2009 Manchester I was absolutely gutted when I inadvertently put £20 worth of petrol in my wife's 12 month old diesel car. She was most understanding, threw her arms around me and said, "don't worry darling, accidents will happen". Now back to the truth; after she'd finished cursing me in front of everyone on the forecourt, we decided to drive the car the 3 miles back home. (I know we shouldn't have driven it but I just needed to escape from all those sniggering onlookers).
This was the first time anything like this had happened to us and we were at a total loss what to do. We spent some on the internet and soon came across Alan's web page. We rang him at 08.45 on the Sunday morning and was amazed when he said, he would be with us by 12.30pm after completing another job in Bradford.
True to his word he arrived on time and got to work immediately. He placed a protective mat on our driveway and was able to drain the contaminated fuel direct from the engine fuel line. He refilled the tank with 20 litres of uncontaminated diesel and the car started immediately. There was no mess, no fuss and the work was completed satisfactorily in no time at all at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan to anyone. He is a real pro and an expert in his job. We new from our first contact with him what the cost would be; there was no hidden extras and my wife's car now drives as good as new. He is a true gentleman.

Once again, many thanks for all your help Alan, and for pulling us out of the s*** (soup).

Luke 07/10/2009 South Liverpool Alan quickly responded to my online query and followed-up with a phone call. He agreed to come out to my car early this morning and his quote was very competitive. He drained the fuel tank, flushed the system with diesel and put additive in the tank. He filled up the tank with diesel and then started the car. He waited with me for several minutes and even followed me home to make sure that I had no problems.
He provided an excellent and highly efficient service - I have no hesitation in recommending him to others including my friends and family. Many thanks!

Ken 20/09/2009 Runcorn Great fast service after my better half put £50 of petrol in our CRV and drove it till it stopped. Alan rushed to our rescue and had it running in less than an hour. Marriage saved
and car fine. Who needs counseling. A+++

Ian 16/09/2009 stoke on trent well what can i say, we had a problem with the bonnet catch, but when we released it it was plain sailing and such a relief as i was imagining hundreds of pounds to sort the engine out.thanks alan our good samaritan

Carole 31/08/2009 Chorley Lancashire. Thanks to Alan, my 3 month old car was put right within hours after I filled up at the wrong pump.I didn't even realise what I had done at the time and drove home. Found this site when I 'googled' my problem, and Alan was on his way (on a bank holiday) before I confessed to my husband.Divorce averted ! Thanks again Alan.

Steve Jones 29/08/2009 Ashton-in-Makerfield Don't get stressed get Alan !
A1 honest professional bloke who delivers top quality friendly service.

Geoff & Debbie 23/08/2009 Lancaster Excellent, friendly service. All the way to Lancaster on a wet and windy Sunday morning - no fuss, just got the job done. Thank you Alan.
p.s. even able to pay using PayPal.

Trevor Clegg 10/08/2009 Bradford, West Yorkshire Big thanks Alan for your speedy, professional and efficient service and for your consideration in getting to me quickly. You give me no option but to give you the highest recommendation. Everything worked exactly as you had outlined beforehand and this gives me great confidence in using you again. Oh!, I nearly forgot, you were also the cheapest. I'll be keeping you card safe - just in case I need you in the future.

Francesca 09/08/2009 Lancashire I put £20 of petrol in my diesel car and drove 9 miles home, I went on the internet to see what I could do about it and found this website. The car was sorted within an hour, Alan came all the way to just outside Blackpool at 6.30 this evening, Sunday night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I told you while you were here you are an angel. Fabulous, quick and professional service.

Nick 07/08/2009 Manchester I completely filled my 65 litre diesel Alfa 159 with unleaded petrol late at night. I called Alan and he arrived within an hour and really took the time necessary to fully drain the tank and flush through the filter. Alan even followed me to a local 24hr garage to make sure everything was okay. I highly recommend using Alan, the service was fast, friendly, and very good value for money.

Andy Baird 24/07/2009 Warrington After a quick phone call at 7pm on a Friday, Alan came to my car within 30 mins and drained the tank, flushed the fuel filter and got the car started with no problems. I am very grateful for his quick and professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan.

Michael 09/07/2009 Preston Lancashire Amazed and very happy. This guy was with me within 50 minutes of calling. He carried out a full cleaning of the system in about another 50 minutes, even though I had already driven the car about 10 miles then broken down on the road. 110% happy and cost a realistic price not thousands. He even brought 20 litres of diesel and only charged the local forecourt price. brilliant!!!!!
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